I was a man with a plan…

I am writing this first post and trying to come up with some intelligent and important sounding words to catch your attention and show you that I am serious…seriously writing a blog post.  And as my fingers touch the keyboard and I search my mind, I hear a song called, We Were Young, by a band called Raised By Swans, off their 2010 album titled No Ghostless Place. This band is one of the many bands I am listening to these days and that song captured the moment just right.  I love when that happens, does it ever happen to you?  I am constantly listening to my iPod, and when I am doing something, going somewhere or going to meet up with someone and the music perfectly syncs up and adds to the moment, it is an amazing feeling and well…it’s cool, so I hope it happens to you.

So, at this moment…the Joseph Albert project is moving forward writing new songs and hoping to record a new full length before the year is over.  So far, I have released an EP digitally called Inventions and a full length digitally and physically called Night Time Astronaut. I plan to get back out there a play more shows, last year I played a bunch and am looking forward to doing a lot more this year…so stay tuned!

This blog will be about my music, but I will also be posting about whatever I feel like at that particular time.  I hope you are as excited as I am!

Oh and please check out these links:

www.myspace.com/josephalbertmusic – yeah, man

www.myspace.com/thebrightelectric – another band I play in

Thanks for reading



Joseph Albert


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