For those with rotary phones…

…please stay on the line and the operator will be right with you.

Am I having another musical induced moment?  Yeah, you bet!  Right now I am listening to the Emily Haines & the Soft Skeletons 2006 album, Knives Don’t Have Your Back. Honestly, sometimes I think her solo work is more moving and better than Metric, but Metric is pretty damn awesome.  I got into Metric long before her solo work came out and they are pretty different, so I really shouldn’t put them up against each other…you decide!

I, Joseph Albert was just working on a new song tentatively called Where I Live. I was messing about with some beats provided by a drum machine that was given to me by a dear friend of mine who goes by the name, David Ringel.  We used to play together in a band called The Keepway, man I miss touring and playing with Dave and Ryan…great people.  Dave now plays in the band Nix86, check them out, they are a Ska/Rock band from Long Island…I saw them play one time in Bushwick near my old apartment and it was super good and fun for everyone!

Oh, so the drum machine, I am working with one because the whole idea of this project from the start a few years back, is that it is supposed to be all me, no other members.  In the past I have played the drums and other instruments on the albums, but never live.  As of this moment it is going to be piano/synth/rhodes and drum machine…that way it can all happen live.  This may change, but I am going with this for now.

So what is next?  What is the blog all about?  What is this blog going to do for you?  These are great questions and the answer…I don’t know.  I am just coming on here and ranting about whatever.  I hope you are liking it so far and here are a few things I am enjoying at the moment:

WTF with Marc Maronis my new favorite podcast. This past week he had Henry Rollins on one episode and Patton Oswalt on another.  Both excellent episodes, I suggest you check it out!

Until next time, I will leave you with one of my favorite Emily Haines lyrics:

With all the luck you’ve had
Why are your songs so sad?
Sing from a book you’re reading in bed
and took to heart
All of your lives unled, reading in bed

Thanks for reading



Joseph Albert


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