Shuffling about this life

Pretty much every time I get sick of the music on my iPod, something tells me not to give up.  Something deep down inside me says, “you have thousands of songs, there is no possible way you can be sick of all of them”.  At this point, I question this voice that is deep inside me and then in a flash…boom it hits me…you just need a new way to listen to music right now.  Then I remember the glorious times I have had with my dear friend the Shuffle Setting.  I have been on a shuffle kick recently and been loving it.  Back in November of 2010, a friend of mine sent me a message of some sort on Facebook to put on shuffle and list the first 25 songs that came on.  I did it and named it 25 Songs to Shuffle your Heart.  It was probably the best thing I have ever participated in on Facebook.

Here is a challenge for you:  put your music listening device on shuffle and jot down the first 25 or 15 or 10 songs that come on and post them below in the comment section.  I’d love to see what comes up.

The other day I was listening to Go by Jonsi, an amazing album by Jon Por Birgisson of Sigur Ros and if you haven’t heard this yet, check it out, it is such a great album.  I have listened to that album almost once a week since it came out last year.  And so I was listening to this album on my walk home from the studio the other night after practice and something funny happened.  At one point there was a break in the songs and I overheard 2 people talking outside a bar and they were talking about…ba, ba, baa!!!…Sigur Ros and the beauty of their Icelandic soundscapes they create.  Strange, right?  I thought it was very cool and pretty wild…musical connectivity, man.

Oh, check this out…I forgot I put this up…yikes:

I am moving along on my new album, which I think I might have a name for.  However, I will not disclose it at this point for fear that I will change it and come across as some sort of grifter, roaming the land, giving out different names and running scams.

Oh, I was in Florida last weekend for my Grandfather’s 90th Birthday!!!  I was able to spend some quality time with the family and my cousin Justin recommended some good bands to check out.  I have heard these bands before but now I have come around to give them another shot.  I am happy that I gave them another chance.  Try these on and tell me how they feel on those sore feet:

Caribou and James Blake

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Joseph Albert!


Tickling ivory in a plastic state

How do you like that new header???  She’s a pretty one, isn’t she?  Well, that wonderful banner is brought to you by my dear old friend Michael Loscalzo.  Michael is an amazingly talented artist and a super cool guy.  I demand that you check out his website, .  Oh and you might want to keep an eye out for him, I have been witnessing his artistic talents for over 20 years and he keeps surprising me with new and amazing creations…like these ones here and here .

What are you listening to right now?  That is what I want to know.  Leave me a comment and tell me about some great band that I should be listening to and am not.  What am I listening to?  Me!  I was just listening to a new demo I recorded in iMovie earlier this evening.  Part of my writing process involves shooting a quick film of me playing some idea so I can listen back and hear what is going on.  I do this instead of setting up Protools and having to plug in…done and done…Protools comes later, you know, where the magic happens.  But for now, hear some other stuff I have up here

After listening to me, I popped on an album that I haven’t heard in a bit, but love dearly.  The band is called Headlights and the album is called Some Racing, Some Stopping. The title track is a wonderful song and the rest of the album will not disappoint…mark my word.

Ok before I sign off here, I just want to send love and thanks to those who have been stopping by and reading what I am saying.  It feels great to sign on here and see that the site is getting a couple of views each day.

Keep spreading the word and thanks so much!

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