Studio Update #6 – Via Oxygen

Hello everyone,

This is the last of my “studio” updates.  I am proud to say that my work on the album is complete and now is the time for me to hand it off to my good friend Kayne, who edited my last 2 albums.

I am very excited for this album.  I have been writing in/on a timeline of my life and I am slowly closing in on current day Joseph Albert Mauro…exciting?  I think yes.  By the time I complete the next album, I will be very close.  I had written so many songs from years ago and want to record them first.

I really hope you all enjoyed my updates with the small and low-budget clips I have posted on my YouTube page.  I hope to post more videos soon.

I have decided to leave you with one last clip of the title track “Via Oxygen”…ENJOY!

Ok so, what now?  Honestly, I have been working on a lot of other songs throughout this recording process and would love to just keep recording and do another album right now. But, that might be a bit too crazy for me and I probably shouldn’t make promises I can’t keep.  That being said…I hope to start recording a another album sooner than later.  I am going to be busy with my other band Earth Science we are about to start recording our full length.

So, once Via Oxygen is all set to go, I will post up where you can get it.  And considering there wasn’t an album release show for Night Time Astronaut, I will probably do a show for both albums in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more news coming soon!!!

Thanks for reading



Joseph Albert