Summer Update/FREE Music

Hello Everyone,

Some exciting news for ya…I am playing a show on August 22, 2012 at 7PM in the upstairs lounge at Pianos in NYC.  I haven’t played a show in a long time and so this is a Grand Re-Opening of sorts.  The last time I played was about 2 years ago?  Actually, I’m not sure.  At the time I played that show or any other show, I had only released the Inventions EP and since then I have released 2 full length albums titled Night Time Astronaut and most recently Via Oxygen.  I am very proud of them and would like to play some songs off them.  I never did a proper album release show so this is going to be that…sorta. 

Instead of printing up these albums, you can download all them for FREE at my bandcamp page for the next week or so.  Did you hear that?  All of these albums will be available for FREE starting right now!!!  Go get all of them!!!

Thanks for the love and support!!!

Hope to see you all on August 22, 2012!!!



Joseph Albert


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