Thank you so much!

The last week has been a really great week in the Joseph Albert camp.  That camp is a one man camp and usually pretty lonely…but not this past week.  I have to thank Absolutepunk so much for showcasing me in their Free Music Friday series.  I received a ton of exposure from there and since then, there has been a constant stream of love on my Bandcamp page.  After much tossing and turning about it, I bumped it up from free to no more than $3…sorry.  All the albums have been up there for free for over a week.

I also want to thank Pianos for having me play the show last night.  It was pretty tough getting up there to play after 2 years of not playing, but the staff there was very helpful.  Thanks to all who came out to the show and supported me, it was a blast!  I played 7 songs that were a mix of songs off Night Time Astronaut and Via Oxygen.  I am looking forward to staying out there and playing more.

I also, also want to thank The Alternative Tone for contacting me and doing an interview, check it out here.

Ok, that is about it for now, but STAY TUNED.  I feel good, hope you do too!

Thanks for all the love and support!



Joseph Albert


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