Warm Weather

By Joseph Albert

Warm Weather is the 6th full length album released by Joseph Albert.  Released in February 2015, Warm Weather is a 10 song album featuring songs that are lyrically only a few years old.  Each record released by Joseph Albert falls into the timeline of his life and time is gaining on him.

Warm Weather is available here



By Joseph Albert

Macrame is the 2nd EP and 5th album from Joseph Albert.  It was released in March 2014 and features 5 songs that were sort of floating around and needed a home.  All these songs were synth and organ based so they fit together nicely.

Macrame is available here


When the World was Flat

By Joseph Albert

When the World was Flat is the third full-length album from Joseph Albert.  Released in October 2013, this 10-track album is the first album in which Joseph Albert mixed and mastered the record himself.  The album art is a picture of a painting done by Joseph’s late grandfather, Albert Mauro.  When the World was Flat is another chapter in the life of Joseph Albert.  Each album is a snapshot of a period of time.  

When the World was Flat is available here

Via Oxygen

By Joseph Albert

Via Oxygen is the second full-length album from Joseph Albert.  Released in May 2012, this 10-track album showcases a somber, quiet and introspective sound.  On this album, Joseph Albert’s dreamy soundscape is here to help guide you along as a story unfolds in each song.

Via Oxygen is available here

Night Time Astronaut

By Joseph Albert

Night Time Astronaut is the debut full length from Joseph Albert.  This album features 11 songs that were written over a few years, in between musical projects, and released in 2010.  Joseph Albert plays dreamy, honest, heartfelt songs.  On this album, Joseph has taken some chances, moved out of his comfort zone, and put on display a mature and progressive sound.

Night Time Astronaut is available here and on compact disc.


By Joseph Albert

Released in 2008, this 5-song album showcases some of the first songs ever created by Joseph when first starting to play piano.  These songs are the foundation on which this project was built and prove that this is only the tip of the iceberg for this singer/songwriter.  

Inventions is available here


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