New Album – Community of Thieves

Man, was I off.  A few posts ago, I said I would have my new full length album, Community of Thieves completed before the end of 2015.  Well, life…she’s a busy one.  So here we are in May of 2016 and I have finished the record.  I am very happy with it and very excited to put some new tunes out into the world.

Please check it out here at bandcamp.

Thanks for listening!


New Music, New Site(sort of), New Life

The delightfully bouncy synth on the latest Metric record, Pagans in Vegas is moving me along quite nicely right now.  It has been a while, I know.  I’ve gotten into this habit of only updating this site when I have a new record and that is usually once a year…if I keep up with my challenge…more on the challenge in a second.  So, I am here to update and make a declaration that I will try to update more often and try to get this blog back to being a bit more personal.  The original plan for this site was to make it a home base for all the music I was working on and other stuff.  I am going to try to take it back there.

Oh, the challenge.  I have challenged myself to put out one album each year, which is motivating and restrictive at the same time.  On one hand, each year I am putting something creative out into the world and that feels great.  On the other hand, it gives me some time constraints which forces me to make decisions.  It’s a good thing.  In the end, the music is for me, but if people enjoy it too… that would great.  Does this make any sense at all?  Well, it does to me.  Anyway, this is my challenge to myself and I love it.  I mean, think about it…whenever you complete something, it gives you this great feeling.  This challenge keeps me going.

Here we go…

New Music – I am putting the finishing touches on my latest full length album called,  Community of Thieves.  I hope to get this done in…sometime soon.  Before the end of the year…I hope.  I am happy with it.  I feel like it is a bit more rocking compared to the sometimes quieter music I have put out.

Also, I have been playing drums and doing some vocals in a super top-secret project called, Mr. Pitiful with my buds and brothers(they are brothers, but aren’t we all brothers?), Ryan and Justin.  I am having a blast playing with them and tunes are pretty sweet too.

New Site(sort of) – I picked a new theme/template and updated the albums page.  I took a picture in McGolrick Park, which is one of my favorite places in my neighborhood.  See the picture of trees.  I also changed the tagline.

New Life – I got married, so that is pretty great.  We got married in Brooklyn and then travelled around Belgium for our honeymoon.  It was amazing.

Also, the New Life part of blog post title is referring to me trying to breathe some new life into this site.  I really like posting my thoughts and music and other stuff on here, so I am going to try to do it more often.  Fingers crossed.

At this point the Metric album is almost done and I feel pretty good about it.  Go check it out.

Also, you can check out my music here.