The calm before…

Happy Sunday!

What are you doing today?  I am working on recording my new full length and doing laundry.  I woke up after a fun night out with great friends and was motivated and feeling good.  I wanted to give you all a heads up on a few things:

1)  The Alternative Tone has put me on a compilation with a bunch of good bands, check it out here

2)  I have decided to put up all my albums for FREE on Bandcamp…go listen and download, check it out here

3)  I am listening to a stream of the new Joy Formidable album…it sounds pretty good, check that out here

Stay tuned for more soon!

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Joseph Albert


Thank you so much!

The last week has been a really great week in the Joseph Albert camp.  That camp is a one man camp and usually pretty lonely…but not this past week.  I have to thank Absolutepunk so much for showcasing me in their Free Music Friday series.  I received a ton of exposure from there and since then, there has been a constant stream of love on my Bandcamp page.  After much tossing and turning about it, I bumped it up from free to no more than $3…sorry.  All the albums have been up there for free for over a week.

I also want to thank Pianos for having me play the show last night.  It was pretty tough getting up there to play after 2 years of not playing, but the staff there was very helpful.  Thanks to all who came out to the show and supported me, it was a blast!  I played 7 songs that were a mix of songs off Night Time Astronaut and Via Oxygen.  I am looking forward to staying out there and playing more.

I also, also want to thank The Alternative Tone for contacting me and doing an interview, check it out here.

Ok, that is about it for now, but STAY TUNED.  I feel good, hope you do too!

Thanks for all the love and support!



Joseph Albert


As you can see from the title of this post, my new album Via Oxygen is complete and ready to be consumed by the ears of all of you!  I finished recording this album in October of 2011 and it is now May of 2012…where has the album been, you ask?  Well, lets just say that busy lives and another music project were there to occupy the time.  I can’t complain, I am surrounded by wonderful, talented people who love to help out and get involved.  And for that, I am eternally grateful!

I am very excited to bring Via Oxygen to all of you and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  I am aiming to have an album release show sometime this summer.  And, being a bit ambitious, I plan on having another album out by early next year.  I have a lot of material I am super excited about!

Please check out my LINKS page to see where you can go to hear the album.  The album will be available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon and other internet music stores soon.

Special thanks to Kayne for his audio skills and Mike for his artistic skills.

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Joseph Albert

I was a man with a plan…

I am writing this first post and trying to come up with some intelligent and important sounding words to catch your attention and show you that I am serious…seriously writing a blog post.  And as my fingers touch the keyboard and I search my mind, I hear a song called, We Were Young, by a band called Raised By Swans, off their 2010 album titled No Ghostless Place. This band is one of the many bands I am listening to these days and that song captured the moment just right.  I love when that happens, does it ever happen to you?  I am constantly listening to my iPod, and when I am doing something, going somewhere or going to meet up with someone and the music perfectly syncs up and adds to the moment, it is an amazing feeling and well…it’s cool, so I hope it happens to you.

So, at this moment…the Joseph Albert project is moving forward writing new songs and hoping to record a new full length before the year is over.  So far, I have released an EP digitally called Inventions and a full length digitally and physically called Night Time Astronaut. I plan to get back out there a play more shows, last year I played a bunch and am looking forward to doing a lot more this year…so stay tuned!

This blog will be about my music, but I will also be posting about whatever I feel like at that particular time.  I hope you are as excited as I am!

Oh and please check out these links: – yeah, man – another band I play in

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Joseph Albert